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Since 2015 Zizkov Park has been creating wall art from Mid Century Czechoslovakian and Eastern Bloc matchbox labels. More recently I have discovered great designs from Japan. The designs have a post soviet cool retro vibe that is timeless in the design world and makes a statement on your wall. I love the boldness and the simple graphic nature of them. Each one of the wall art designs has been redrawn from the original matchbox label sourced from my and my friends collections of thousands.

Matchbox Label Wall Art

The original matchbox printing techniques are designed for cheap, mass production and as a result sometimes have misaligned colours which makes them more interesting and unique. Life isn’t perfect so, who needs perfection… Hanging matchbox label wall art is a great way to create a unique atmosphere and style in your home. Zizkov Park has a range of wall art designs that are bold and colourful, that will set your space, and your taste, apart from the normal French cafe posters you see everywhere these days.