Print Information

Print Quality

The print quality is important to me as I didn’t want to just make cheap digital prints on ordinary 90gsm poster paper. I have chosen high standard paper and a reputable printer with attention to detail to do the work.

All my printing is done in Melbourne with the best digital technology and art papers that meet industry and archival standards.

Fine Art Giclée prints

All my printing is done in Melbourne using a true Giclée printing system. This means they are made using a high definition printer (For perfect image quality) and archival UV pigment inks (For vivid, accurate, fade resistant colour).
 This means you get an amazing quality print that looks great and will last.


All prints are on 210gsm Ivory Matte Paper.

Hang Your print

The print sizes I have selected relate to picture frames you can buy in home-wares stores making it easy for you to frame your print yourself. I recommend glass and using acid free tapes plus using a barrier between the print and the backing. Ask at a picture framer or an art supply shop for the best materials for this.

The paper is strong and you could use a rod system at the top and bottom providing there is enough weight to hold the print flat.

Looking After Your Print

Prints are delivered to you in a sturdy 90mm diameter postal tube. It would be great to deliver them flat to you but this would be overly costly and prone to damage due to the size.

Because of the weight (or thickness) of the paper it may retain a bit of ‘memory’ of being rolled up, but that will ease over time when kept flat.

It is recommend your prints are removed from the tube as soon as you receive them and stored flat, avoiding touching the image side of the print.

Although printed using the high quality materials, the colours on the print can fade if exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Prints are best hung somewhere that receives only reflected sunlight.